Saturday, February 15, 2014

Assemblies in Civil 3D

Assemblies in Civil 3D
After creating alignments and profiles, you need assemblies to create your Road model. A road model is formed by the combination of surface, alignments and assemblies.

In Civil 3D, an assembly is a object which is a collection of smaller units called subassemblies. These subassemblies are parametric in nature and are the building blocks of any road cross-section. Each assembly has a baseline with an attachment point indicated by a marker. The below Figure shows a road assembly cross-section.

Creating assemblies in Civil 3D
To create a n assembly, choose the Create Assembly tool from the Create Design panel; the Create Assembly dialog box will be displayed. In this dialog box, specify the required settings for your assembly and then Choose the OK button; the Create Assembly dialog box will be closed. You will be prompted to specify the location of the assembly baseline. Click in the drawing to specify  the location of the assembly baseline. On doing so, the assembly baseline will be displayed at the specified location in the drawing, as shown in the below Figure.

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